Dr. Boyce Clark, CEO of Lubricity Labs, LLC, was selected by a panel of three judges as the winner of Thursday night’s PitchBR event. Innovation Catalyst, a Baton Rouge venture organization, will be advancing Clark to a due-diligence phase, where he may receive up to $250,000 in investment from the Catalyst Fund.

Lubricity Labs, LLC was founded by Dr. Clark, who used his background in Biogeochemistry to create an innovative line of hair care products that treat frizzy, unruly hair without sacrificing the hair’s natural body and curl. He was inspired to create his products after having a difficult time taming his daughter’s curls.

Clark and the other pitchers, the CEOs of and MEMO, gave their pitches in front of nearly 200 attendees at the Pelican House in Baton Rouge. After each pitch, the presenters fielded a series of questions from the judges about their products, covering topics ranging from finances to distribution and beyond.

The night was full of energy and excitement, as the event marked one of the final occasions of Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week (BREW), and the final event for PitchBR this year. While only one winner was selected, all pitchers and attendees benefitted from the experience, gaining exposure, publicity and business connections – truly keeping in line with the spirit of BREW.

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