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As a nonprofit, Nexus Louisiana depends on the generosity of individuals like you to help support our mission. Your contribution provides opportunities to local tech entrepreneurs to grow and develop their business, through programs and membership.

You can donate using our online form, through 225 Gives or Amazon Smile. Interested in createing your own giving opportunity? Contact us to get started.

All donations are tax-deductible as the law allows for 501(c)3 organizations.

Elevate your brand within Louisiana’s innovation and entrepreneurial community. We host dozens of events and initiatives each year, and we depend on sponsors to bring them life.

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Invest directly in one of our innovative local tech startup clients or become an investor through Innovation Catalyst or Red Stick Angels.

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Our partnerships with government affiliates, educational institutes, and private enterprises are an essential element of our mission. We also welcome individuals interested in mentoring entrepreneurs, sharing their expertise as a speaker, or working with our clients to find innovative solutions to marketplace challenges.

Ways to Get Involved

Our programs bring together entrepreneurs across sectors to create a dynamic, growth-oriented community. Our live events provide opportunities to network with some of the biggest investors in the local venture capital ecosystem. And the connections local members can form with their peers are Nexus Louisiana’s greatest gift to the local startup community.


Nexus Louisiana hosts a variety of programs designed to link scalable and technology-enabled companies and entrepreneurs with the coaching, capital and connections necessary to bring their ideas to the next level.

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The Nexus Louisiana Tech Park is a home to the innovators at the forefront of technology in Louisiana. These companies are creating new technologies, new jobs, and an economic ripple effect that travels throughout the state.

The Tech Park is a common ground for startups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to plan, refine, and grow their business ideas with the support and resources of Nexus Louisiana.

Benefits of a Tech Park Member:

  • Receive coaching and advice from certified growth experts.
  • Gain access to cloud-based visual tools.
  • Learn how to attract investors and get funded.
  • Enjoy 24-7 access to workspace and office amenities.