2019 BizTech Fellows check in with first web conference



The 2019 BizTech Fellows took a break from their busy schedules Tuesday to hold their first of six web conferences that will take place this summer. During the conference, groups gave presentations on their current progress with their respective projects.

Pushing forward

Since the opening session last week, the Fellows have identified the value propositions and customer segments for the proposed businesses. After only a week, many of the groups had made staggering progress in formulating their ideas and creating business plans.

The Fellows presented on a wide range of business ideas covering many different industries and serving a wide variety of customers. Many participants showed clear drive to better their communities through their proposed businesses.

Improving lives through business

One team, called C & F, hopes to create clothing specifically designed for individuals undergoing physical therapy. Their clothing, they said, would improve the physical therapy experience for both healthcare providers and patients. They plan to further refine their ideas by talking to medical professionals.

Another team, called Fresh from Eden, aims to open a fresh produce market that will provide healthier food options to low-income families, the elderly, and working parents. They hope to open stores in low-income communities that traditionally have reduced access to fresh produce and are underserved by more health-centric grocers like Whole Foods. They also plan to offer better options for households utilizing programs like WIC or SNAP, as well as work with local community organizations like churches to increase access to fresh produce.

If every store that’s convenient only has unhealthy foods, alcohol, cigarettes, or other things that will only contribute to the detriment of your health, and those are the only options you have, that’s what you’re going to lean towards. Our approach is different because we would like to network with the churches within the communities and utilize the SNAP and WIC programs.
— Fresh from Eden team member Joy Williams

Over the next week, Fellows will conduct their first interviews with potential customers and report their findings at the next web conference. They still have a long way to go in the program, but the teams are already showing great potential and dedication to their projects.

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