Girls, Gigabytes & Gadgets Kickoff Event

Step into a world where imagination knows no boundaries! Build your own tiny home in AR and VR in this immersive workshop designed especially for young girls with big dreams, geared towards girls ages 6-16. Inspired by the iconic MTV show “Welcome to My Crib,” we’re bringing creativity and technology together to introduce girls to the wonders of STEM through the magic of VR and AR.

What to Expect:

Guided by the expert facilitators from We Greaux People, the workshop will ignite your girl’s curiosity and innovative spirit. Through a hands-on experience, participants will:

  • Explore Virtual Neighborhoods: Dive into a virtual world where they can create and design their very own tiny dream homes. From unique floor plans to vibrant interiors, the possibilities are endless!
  • Add AR Flair: Learn to blend the real world with their virtual creations using augmented reality. Watch their designs come to life as they interact with their tiny dream homes in the space around them.
  • Embrace Tech and Teamwork: Collaborate with other young minds, fostering teamwork and communication skills while turning imaginative concepts into virtual reality masterpieces.
  • Showcase and Celebrate: Conclude the workshop with a virtual tour of everyone’s creations. Celebrate each other’s innovative designs in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Apr 06 2024


9:00 am - 12:00 pm




NexusLA Tech Park
7117 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA


Nexus Louisiana