Ignition 2.0 Demo Day

Demo Day is the culminating event for NexusLA’s Ignition 2.0 program. Over the course of 8 weeks, Ignition participants learned how to commercialize their companies, by gaining a more thorough understanding of their business model, go-to-market strategy, and financials. At Demo Day, graduating companies will show off what they learned and pitch for a $10,000 investment. Demo Day is free to the public and will be on May 25 from 5-7 at the Goodwood Library.


Meet the participants of Ignition 2.0:


Accelerant Education LLC: Founded by Joshua Anderson, Accelerant Education LLC helps school districts provide equitable access to foundational computer science education via teacher training, project-based learning, and a program customized to your district’s needs.

Bluefin Data LLC: Founded by Andrew Petersen, Bluefin Data LLC aims to make substantial improvements to the seafood industry. VESL, the company’s proprietary software system, helps the seafood industry input and manage fisheries data required by government agencies.

Directed Analytics: Founded by Jody Mitchell and Brenton Moss, Directed Analytics specializes in consulting and developing technical solutions to help organizations reach their goals. The company’s proprietary software solution, 4SightGPS, lets clients visualize goal attainment.

Jade Systems: Founded by Victoria Liu and Samuel Meyers, Jade Systems is a wetland monitoring and prediction software. The company applies AI technology to solve the problem of coastal erosion.

Pali Inc.: Founded by Mark Champagne and Jonathan Farnet, Pali Inc. provides an easy way for users to instantly list and book parking spots.

Port LookOut: Founded by Srinee Bajaj, Port LookOut is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to optimize the port call process. The platform decreases manual tasks and human error while increasing transparency to keep distribution running smoothly.

Rx Interactive Inc.: Founded by Del-Metri Williams, Rx Interactive Inc. is devoted to increasing patient adherence by improving the health literacy of patients with chronic diseases. The app gamifies patient compliance and rewards patients for healthy lifestyle choices.

Speechibi: Founded by speech-language pathologist Leah Singh, Speechibi aims to help individuals for whom English is a second language overcome speech impediments. The product includes digital speech models and flashcards.

Team Factor: Founded by Jennifer Macha and Nely Ward, Team Factor aims to help young athletes stay active and healthy. The software applies data science to set individual performance metrics and customize practice plans.

Thumb: Founded by Spencer Mounger, Dr. Aimee Russo-Mounger and Marcus Mounger, Thumb is a ride-sharing app for college campuses and surrounding rural areas aiming to keep college students safe from drinking and driving.

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May 25 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Goodwood Main Library
7711 Goodwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806