PG: Parental Guidance

PG: Parental Guidance

Creating an Active Role In Your childs gaming life

Program Details

Nexus Louisiana and    have partnered up to create PG: Parental Guidance, a program designed to help you, the parent understand the basics of popular games and online platforms that are popular amongst children today. Ready to take a more active role in your children’s gaming life? Register for one or more of our PG: Parental Guidance events.

What You'll LEarn

Learn how to install Roblox on different devices. Discover the steps necessary for setting up an account. We'll go over the information Roblox asks for: What information is required to establish your child's account, What information is optional but helpful in maintaining safety and privacy? Decide whether you'll add Robux into the equation and which platform you'll manage their funds from: Roblox Studio versus Roblox.

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