The Best Free Louisiana Entrepreneur Resources


For Louisiana entrepreneurs, there is an assortment of resources that you can use to grow your businesses. But you have to know where to look.

Most of the available resources are free and easily accessible on the Web. If you are in the Pelican state, check out some of these Louisiana entrepreneurship resources:

Resource #1: The Louisiana Entrepreneur’s Twitter List

Twitter “lists” are compilations of Twitter accounts in one convenient place.  Our Twitter list, called LA Entrepreneur Resources, is a hand-picked collection of Louisiana-focused, business-related Twitter handles.

To use the list, simply click “Subscribe” and let Twitter do the rest. Each update and tweet from these accounts will be consolidated to one page, so you will never miss another important blog post or business tip again.

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LAGNIAPPE: In addition to our statewide list, you should follow the organizations that apply specifically to you. Here is our list of more narrowly focused resources. To use, simply review the list and follow the accounts that apply to you.

Resource #2: The Portal is one of the newest and most comprehensive resources available to Louisiana entrepreneurs. (Full disclosure: NexusLA is our parent company).

On the NexusLA portal, some resources you will find include handy databases of funding sources, entrepreneurial support organizations, professional service firms, and more. There’s also a calendar of events, a blog roll of news, and a news feed of entpreneurship success stories, in case you need a burst of positive energy. is constantly expanding its available resources, so entrepreneurs should make a point to check back regularly.

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Resource #3: GeauxBiz Business Launch Portal

If you are just starting out, look no further than GeauxBiz as “your one-stop site for launching your new business in the state of Louisiana.”

On the from Louisiana’s Secretary of State site, you will find a business launch checklist, step-by-step business registration, and access to other tools to help you through your initial business phase challenges.

Click here to visit GeauxBiz Business Launch Portal!

Resource #4: Web Training Guide

Once a business gets off the ground, entrepreneurs and their employees often have to wear many hats. As a result, training can become quite an expensive and time-consuming process.

For many Louisianans, however, an abundance of online training is inexpensive or completely free. For instance, did you know that Baton Rouge residents have access to no-cost training for Adobe Creative Cloud, through free subscriptions?

Use this guide to find the best fit for you and your growing company’s needs:

Louisiana’s Entrepreneur Training Resource Guide


For Whom

Description Web Training

Baton Rouge residents with a library card (Also available in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish)

Complete access to the training library, including courses on coding, design software, business topics, writing, marketing, etc.

Tech Park Academy

Open to all, in Baton Rouge

Skill-based workshop series designed to provide entrepreneurs with the training and resources required to move their businesses forward and to address critical business issues.

Louisiana Small Business Development CenterTraining

Multiple cities

Various on-demand training webinars

Louisiana SCOREMentoring

Multiple cities

Find your local SCORE chapter for personal mentoring, local events, and online workshops and courses.

Louisiana SBA Trainings


Includes local small business events, online business resources, news, tools and trainings.

Resource #5: SBA Annual Resource Guide Publication

The SBA Louisiana District Office Resource Guide is a complete reference for entrepreneurs with solutions for often-overlooked topics, such as disaster recovery and insurance information. No matter what skills you are hoping to learn or tools that you want to strap to your belt, it is likely that you will find the specific resource that you need in this annual publication.

Click here to read the SBA Louisiana District Office Resource Guide!


When starting and growing a business, there is a range of resources that every entrepreneur should identify. The time and capital needed to acquire these, however, can often cause unnecessary strain.

That said, entrepreneurs should always ensure that they are taking advantage of the cheapest options available. Whether you need essential employee training or a stronger online network, we know that these five Louisiana-specific resources will help you make the most of your valuable time and money.

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