Why Choosing an Intern with Less Experience Might be the Best Move for Your Company


Though many people may disagree with this blog’s title, compelling points can be made for hiring an intern with less experience than others.

When employers begin the interviewing process, they are typically looking for someone with a lot of industry-specific experience. Even if it is for something like an internship or an assistant position, hiring managers are not necessarily looking for a team member that is fresh in the industry, has just graduated, or has much to learn.

The less experienced applicant could be a great asset to a company as long as they are handled in the right way. Different benefits for hiring a “fresh face” could be:

1.     Setting the tone for the company and the career

For students and recent graduates, a first internship sets the tone for the rest of their professional career. It will give them the opportunity to discover what part of the workforce they are interested in, the kind of atmosphere they would like to work in, and so much more. As a business, having an employee who has not been influenced by years of office culture allows for an honest evaluation of company culture from a truly fresh perspective. This creates a win-win dynamic that’s difficult to replicate any other way.

2.     Naturally adapted to technology

Hiring someone that is a recent graduate or is still in undergraduate studies means one thing: they are using and learning about technology. If a recent graduate or student enters a work place that lacks modern updates, the lack of technology doesn’t have to be a deal breaker — it just means the intern can bring something to the table. Companies can leverage a young intern’s familiarity with technology to identify weak points in their technology environments.

3.     New outlooks on old problems

Possibly one of the most important benefits to hiring an intern with less experience is gaining the ability to approach problems differently than a long-term member of the industry would. Using a different set of eyes, an employer is able to get a glance at how the new hire will adapt to problems they are facing at the company, how well they challenge change, and more. It is of utmost importance for employers to give young employees and interns a “seat at the table” to facilitate the types of conversations that lead to new ideas and novel approaches to problems.

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